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At Rawndalicious LLC, Chef Rhonda Beyreis offers hands-on raw vegan cooking classes and one-on-one training for food shopping and preparation. Call now 602-320-0100 for details. 


Chef Rhonda is a chef instructor and certified raw vegan chef. A graduate of the Living Light Culinary Institute, she is a certified Associate of Science in nutritional pastry art.


Happy Customer Reviews

"I recently signed up and have been taking Vegan cooking classes from Rhonda. Learning how to cook and eat clean has made me feel much healthier and has even pushed me into exercising again...something I gave up about five years ago. Sitting in my office for 8-10 hours a day behind a computer to now cooking and eating better, exercising, and taking my Tranont vitamins every day has transformed me into a new woman, wife, and mother. I no longer have digestive problems, I have more energy, and my spirit is peaceful instead of uptight. Thank you Rhonda for all you have done for me, I am forever grateful to have met you and work with you. I am also thankful for video conferencing so you can teach me how to cook from across the nation."

Elena R

"I have taken at least four cooking classes that Rhonda has presented and each one has been packed with helpful and healthy recipes,pamphlets ,videos dishes to make and take home and always a gift to keep to commemorate the special event. The best part of each class is learning how to better make healthy choices that change how you feel. She gives you the information and knowledge to make better choices. Thank you Rhonda and I am looking forward to your cookbook and more classes" !😋

Debee K

" I just spent the most awesome and inspiring time with Rhonda this week learning how to make vegan cuisine! I’ve been through two other cooking schools and she far out passed them!


" This woman has a gift like no one else I knowing cooking raw vegan, anyway you want it Rhonda can do it. I've always admired her how she can make nothing into something tasty and delicious. Woo hoo Rhonda you rawndalicious" 

Denise S

" I have cooked, tasted and worked with Chef Rhonda. She is a powerful teacher and Master of her Craft. Being guided by the Holy Spirit Chef Rhonda is a inspiration to us all." 

Anita P

Helpful Cooking Videos

Yankee Pot Roast

Spinach Stroganoff

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