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About Rawndalicious LLC

Rhonda Beyreis, a certified gourmet raw chef, is the founder of Rawndalicious LLC, a culinary retreat situated in Northeast Arizona on the 500-acre Enoch Ranch, a holistic wellness enterprise. Chef Rhonda enjoys the value of food and she believes that food is the best medicine. 
To learn more about Chef Rhonda and Rawndalicious LLC, call 602-320-0100.

More Information About Our Founder

  • Healthy cooking expert

  • A talented gardener of fruits and vegetables

  • Also serves as a medical missionary

  • Over 14 years of culinary experience 

  • In business since 2014

  • Family-owned operation

  • Certified in Culinary Arts, Science, nutrition, pastry arts and fermented probiotics foods

  • Certified raw vegan chef

  • Specializes in organic and raw / vegan food

  • On-site cooking demonstrations for large and small groups

  • Can travel for large groups


Chef Rhonda's Educational Background

Chef Rhonda is a graduate of the world-renowned Living Light Culinary Institute as well as Add Life, where she studied and completed certifications in raw culinary arts.


She’s also traveled to Rome for a culinary class and studied the cultures of Latin America, the Philippines, and Africa. 

Media Appearances

On a professional level, Chef Rhonda has appeared on a local Phoenix TV show about health. She has also appeared on Smart Life Arizona Television. Click here to view Smart Life Arizona's Live Stream channel.


Chef Rhonda shares her knowledge of raw and vegan foods by creating dishes that have healing properties. From probiotic fermented foods and cheeses to decadent desserts made of healthy ingredients, she can teach you how to make it all. 


Discover the wonders of holistic eating from Chef Rhonda today.

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