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Nutrition Expert

At Rawndalicious LLC, Chef Rhonda delights in spreading her knowledge and enthusiasm for raw and vegan foods by making meals that contain healing properties. Whether it’s probiotic fermented foods and cheeses to decadent desserts full of healthy ingredients, you’re sure to find dishes you’ll love. 

Call for More Information About Living a Raw / Vegan Lifestyle


Let us show you the wonders of holistic eating. With our nutritional coaching, you’ll refocus your food choices to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The ingredients are always fresh, and our authentic recipes have been tested by time – and hungry clients. 


Call 602-320-0100 for a FREE consultation!

Organic Is Best

According to Chef Rhonda, organic, farm-fresh foods are simply the best. As she says, “So many people are sick and don't know how to get their health back. What we eat does matter, and I enjoy sharing the love of food and the life that is in the food by doing vegan and also raw gourmet culinary delights!”

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