Join us for a week self-reliant, sustainablility, and survival bootcamp!

Presented by Rhonda and Jim Beyreis, Next dates TBD.


In this event: 


  • You will learn the basics of self-sustainability during a time of crisis (or even if you just want to go off the grid). You will come out knowing how to live and thrive “out in nowhere”.


  • You will experience hand-on how to take care of your basic needs such as food, shelter and navigation – even if you have depended on “the system” all your life and would not even know where to start from.


  • You will know how to respond if a major crisis were to hit and our national infrastructure of supplies like food and fuel was shut down. The government systems are built to heal and restart based on the assumption that people could and would wait for this to happen, so they don’t teach you how to be independent.


The Ark of Sustainability / Pre-orders

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    • Gardening: grow your own food
    • Medicinal and edible plants: collect edible and healing herbs off the land
    • Food storage: preserve and store your food
    • Water: find, and access water safely
    • Shelter and construction: build your own temporary or long-term shelter
    • Compass Map Navigation Trek: learn to never be lost
    • Sewing: make your own clothing and footwear
    • Ham Radio: stay in touch with others